According to TMZDrake’s dad Dennis Graham is currently gearing up to release his own R&B album. The site obtained a clip from the music video for his new single, “Kinda Crazy.” While it may seem a bit humorous that Drake’s dad is planning to release his own music, Dennis Graham isn’t exactly new to music.

Aside from having a very famous and talented son, Dennis is a musician in his own right—once performing as a drummer for Jerry Lee Lewis. Dennis’ brother Larry Graham is also a musician—playing bass guitar for legendary funk band Sly and the Family Stone before releasing solo material—who was recently sampled on Kanye West’s track “No More Parties in L.A.”

There’s no official word yet on what the exact release date for Dennis Graham’s upcoming album is, but TMZ claims that his new single will officially be out later this month. And as for Drake, it appears he’s given his father his support.

Watch a clip of his new video above.