• Just two projects into his career, Frank Ocean’s name undoubtedly holds signifiant weight in music today. His fans have faithfully waited since the 2012 release of Channel ORANGE for a fitting follow-up, and the ride has been a rollercoaster indeed.

    July 2015 became a month Ocean owned after he shared his first photo update in months. A now notorious caption suggested the imminent unveiling of both a new album and magazine project. Boys Don’t Cry was an event of speculative anticipation.

    Tonight, Ocean’s website underwent the most promising change yet. Around midnight on the west coast, the drop-down menu of boysdontcry.co opened to reveal a visual stream sponsored by Apple Music. The piece appears to showcase an assembly of tables and miscellaneous equipment in a warehouse setting. Although nothing more than white noise or the occasional cough has occurred thus far, the involvement of a major digital vendor all but confirms unheard tunes will arrive sooner than later. A subheading line of text reads “Endless,” which may or may not unsettle you. Some people are having trouble accessing the video on computer, but it works well via mobile.

    Earlier last month, the singer-songwriter released a library late slip that seemingly detailed missed dates and included two open-ended ones: July 2016, with the specific day blotted out (or missing entirely), and November 13, 2016. A Calvin Klein campaign doubled fans’ hopes, but as the eastern standard clock struck midnight and welcomed another August, it seemed like a second loss in the summer’s middle month.

    Stay tuned for additional news.


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