While it looks like Frank Ocean's Blonde is going to debut at the top spot on the Billboard 200, Endless won't be as successful chart-wise. Not only will it not take the No. 1 position, but it's very likely it won't chart at all because at the moment, it's not an eligible release.

Right now, the only way to consume Endless is as a single 45-minute stream, so since none of the individual tracks are available to stream or purchase, and since the entire project itself isn't available for sale, "there is no data to drive it onto either the Billboard 200 or the Music Video Sales chart," according to Billboard.

This has to do with equivalent album units: Currently, 1,500 song streams equals a single album unit, but there's no way to determine the value of a single 45-minute video stream in album units at present. Beyonce's visual album Lemonade was able to chart earlier this year, but that was because it was also released as a standard album, and none of the video streams from the full-length film figured into its sales totals.

This shouldn't sting too bad, though, considering how well Blonde is doing... and considering that Endless might have been (at least in part) a way for Ocean to get out of his contract with Def Jam.