Frank Ocean's Blonde and Endless are both absolutely stacked with contributors, from Beyoncé and André 3000, to Yung Lean and Radiohead's Jonny Greenwood. The full credits for Blonde remain a mystery for the time being, but we already know who did what and where on the visual album Endless. Buddy Ross, one of the contributors to both albums and Frank's touring keyboardist, has spoke with Pitchfork to talk about working with Frank on the projects.

While he didn't divulge too much information regarding the credits for Blonde, he did tell Pitchfork that he played on a number of tracks on the album, "Godspeed," "Nights," "White Ferrari," and "Close to U." Speaking about how he started working with Frank in the first place, he explained that he heard Frank was looking for a keyboard player for his touring band in support of Channel Orange, saying, "He had me send a video right then. I had my roommate film me in my basement playing my keys and I uploaded it to YouTube and sent it to him. And then they ended up flying me down just like a week later—the day before Channel Orange came out, like a week before the tour started."

When asked about how he started working with Frank on music following their tour, he said, "During soundchecks I’d always just start messing around and coming up with new little ideas, playing on the synths. He would come out and just start freestyling over stuff. I think that’s when we started first vibing together, just onstage during soundcheck." He continued, "That was 2012, and then in 2013 we did a big European festival tour. After that ended, a week later I thought I was going to be home for a while and then I got a call that he wanted to meet in the studio—like a week after we got off the road. I guess those moments during soundcheck just stuck with him and he wanted to bring me in. He was super cool."