• The fact that Toyan’s is currently in an exhibition makes the visual look more like a pre-recorded video and less like a live stream, but we still have a lot of questions. Does this mean that Frank Ocean’s video was recorded somewhere in New York? Is Frank building a boombox which he will then play us his album on? Is he going to do something at the Brooklyn Museum? All will be revealed in due course, but for the meantime this adds an interesting element to the puzzle.

    Frank Ocean and Tom Sachs have also collaborated in the past—Ocean, as well as Kanye West, provided playlist of music that was played on Sachs’ boomboxes when they were shown at the Contemporary Austin-Jones Center in Austin in 2015 during SXSW. Sachs told VICE, “We all make playlists, right? So I reached out to my friends and asked them all to contribute. I have a relationship with Kanye and Frank, and they were psyched. This is their talent, [to create music]. You just can’t argue about Kanye’s musical ability.”

    Watch the video on Frank Ocean’s website here.


    Tom Sachs (L) and Frank Ocean (R)