In the past weeks we've seemed to reach the peak of Frank Ocean's mind games. While fans have been patiently waiting the release of his forthcoming album Boys Don't Cry, Frank has been casually slipping in and out of the public eye with hints that the album is coming soon. How soon? No one knows for sure. 

Earlier this month, Frank shared a livestream on his official website. The stream, which featured him doing some interesting wood working for a few days. Many of us assumed this stream would end with an album release, but once again we were all wrong. The stream stopped, and Frank seemingly disappeared

As fans continue to scramble for answers, they've started to use their spare time and energy to look for more clues. Reddit users have recently discovered what seems to be the exact warehouse where Frank's stream was filmed. The commercial warehouse is located in Brooklyn, New York and cost $3,200 per day to rent. The available pictures on the site look very similar to the stills from Frank's livestream, so it appears the internet detectives have solved another mystery. Now, if only we could get real answers about this release date.