Last week (August 12), Hudson Mohawke revealed on Twitter that he had worked with Frank Ocean and James Blake. After Mohawke said he had made numerous demos, James Blake took to Twitter over the weekend to respond to the claims. Initially saying he was "respectfully baffled" by Mohawke's tweets, Blake responded with a note on Twitter following further tweets from Mohawke explaining what he meant.

Posting a screenshot of an email from 2014, Mohawke said, "Can't believe I have to prove this." He continued, "Seems so petty. Nothing against James–but who do these mags think I am?!" James Blake hit back following the screenshot of the email, saying, "Yes I listened to them and politely declined. Two years later you're alluding to the idea we've collaborated to the point where you have something you can leak? Leak what you have–you'd just be leaking one of your own beats with no vocals or input from me."

His note continued, "Thank god we've never worked together because I wouldn't be able to trust you with my music. Going forward if you continue to threaten to leak music or even suggest your ability to do so, soon no one else will trust you with their music either."