Despite the fact that Kanye West had much longer than four minutes at this year's VMAs, for which he was originally allotted four minutes to do whatever he wanted, it turns out that Kanye actually had a few more things on his mind that he wanted to address during his time on stage.

During an encounter with Kanye earlier today, TMZ asked the rapper about Ray J on the "Famous" video and what else he may have wanted to say at the VMAs. Kanye took the opportunity not only to clarify his VMAs speech, but also to share his exciting plan for all Chicago schools.

"I wanna do school uniforms for Chicago also, for all the city of Chicago," Kanye revealed to TMZ. His hope is that these uniforms will act as a "starting point for eventually ending classism and bullying worldwide." 

Touching back on his seven-minute long VMAs speech, during which he talked about Beyoncé, the "Famous" video, Jaden Smith, Chance The Rapper, and more, Kanye explained what the intention behind what he said was, perhaps feeling a bit misunderstood.

"Just love each other; that's the whole point I was trying to make," Kanye said. "We need to love each other, have a good time, appreciate our time in life, do everything we can, and have the best time possible." 

TMZ also asked Kanye about Ray J's reaction to the "Famous" video, to which Kanye responded: "We all in the same bed; I don't understand why people are getting mad."

Watch Kanye West speak to TMZ below, and rewatch his VMAs speech here.