Last night Kanye West kicked off his Saint Pablo tour in Indianapolis with a bang, to say the least. Kanye redefined the usual concert experience by making the "ground seating" seat-less an open for fans to roam. But the most significant aspect was definitely his stage that floated above the crowd the entire night.

Kanye recently sat down with Ken Baker of E! News to discuss all the planning that went into putting on such an incredible show for the fans. He explained that this specific tour took about eight months of planning and that his main focus was to allow it to be more than just fans staring at the artist on stage. "I wanted people to get into it and have a fun time and make it not be just about watching the artist," Kanye explained. "But people watching their friends and singing along with the lyrics and just being able to see themselves, their outfits, be able to post something and just take the concert experience to another level."

Footage from last night shows this exact vision. Fans on the ground level were able to really get as rowdy as they liked as there were no seats blocking their space. Underneath Kanye's incredible floating stage, fans could be seen gathered around and jumping together as they all shouted lyrics at the top of their lungs. "I want people to come to the Pablo shows and know it's going to be the best time they've had in their life."

Watch Kanye's full explanation above.