In a new interview with 106KMEL's Shay Diddy, Lil Yachty gives fans an update on what he's working on and how he's feeling following the release of his Summer Songs 2 mixtape. On the project with Lil B and Soulja Boy, Yachty says that he and Soulja have a lot of music together, but they're just waiting on Lil B. According to Yachty, Lil B has been very busy and is rarely in the United States.

Just as interesting as the new updates, Yachty clears up a couple of things from his younger days—keep in mind, Yachty is still 18 years old. At around the 22:30 mark in the interview, he explains why Miley Cyrus blocked him on Instagram. "I was trolling her," he explains. "I think I commented one time like, 'Fuck me girl.' I don't know, I'm wild. When I was young I was crazy in the head on social media."

While being asked to explain some of his early tweets, he's confronted with one from years ago that said, "Fuck J. Cole." This comes in around the 25-minute mark, and Yachty explains that this was sent out while he was in ninth or tenth grade, and he's glad to have a chance to finally explain it. "I fuck with J. Cole as a person," he says. "I don't listen to J.Cole, but I have nothing against J.Cole. I was young, I was talking shit, trolling. I never thought I was gonna be a rapper." He emphasizes that there is no beef with Cole.

Watch the whole interview above to see a few other hilarious Yachty stories.