Master P was recently heard saying “DJ Khaled got nothing on me,” and although he stands by that statement, he clarifies exactly what he meant by it. In a new video, Master P explains that he’s known DJ Khaled for quite some time and met him years ago when he was just getting started.

“DJ Khaled is probably one of the most humble, and hard working person I ever met,” said Master P. Further explaining that “he learned the game, took it and ran with it.” The earlier remarks were said because he explained, “If you a real baller, you never gonna say somebody’s better than you. And that’s what I meant when I said ‘Khaled got nothing on me.'”

According to Master P, Khaled’s recent success motivates him but he believes in speaking things into existence. Instead of saying, or admitting, someone may be better, he says you have to give words power: “When you speak a word … it better be ‘you the best’ if you a real baller … You think Kobe Bryant is gonna say Allen Iverson is better than him? No.”

Though his message seems a bit all over the place, the moral of the story here seems to be that Master P really has nothing against DJ Khaled at all.