Earlier this year, M.I.A. expressed the desire to leak her forthcoming album, A.I.M., but she eventually came to an agreement with her label Interscope and promptly announced a release date. However, it would seem that not all is well with her and Interscope, as she's revealed on Twitter that Interscope are allegedly refusing to clear the Diplo-produced version of "Bird Song," which would explain why the Blaqstarr version of the song was shared last week (August 12).

Tweeting directly at the label on Saturday (August 13), M.I.A. said, "Can you clear 'Bird Song' Diplo version so it can be released this Friday!" She followed it up, saying, "Interscope won't clear the Diplo 'Bird Song' so it can't be released!" It's unclear as to what's actually going on with Diplo's version of the song, but with it being their first collaboration in over five years, it's safe to say that it's a highly anticipated track.

She then tweeted at Interscope again, telling them to "sort it out." Interscope and M.I.A. have yet to confirm which version of "Bird Song" will appear on A.I.M. when it releases on September 9, but we do know that the album will feature previous singles "Go Off" and "Borders" alongside a feature from Zayn Malik.