There comes a point in a musician’s career that really let’s them know they’ve made it, and that’s the moment Nardwuar interviews them. Lil Yachty, viral sensation and all around infectiously joyous rapper, has been treated to the wonders of a Nardwuar interview, and the resulting video is just as fantastic as we could have hoped. Bringing out a few gifts, and even bringing out a not so flattering picture of him in middle-school, Nardwuar goes all out for Lil Boat’s interview.

One of the gifts that Nardwuar blesses Yachty with is Coldplay’s Ghost Stories on vinyl, which Yachty says is his “favorite album of all time.” Looking ridiculously happy at the gift, Yachty exclaims, “Oh shit, I can sing every song on this bitch from head to toe, this is my favorite album from them.” Yachty explains that he really wants to work with Chris Martin, and Nardwuar even manages to get a little Coldplay cover out of Yachty.

Watch the incredibly entertaining interview above.