Fueled by a riveting plot and the artful rendering of '80s nostalgia, Stranger Things quickly skyrocketed to pop culture's zenith. Viewers of Netflix's sci-fi blockbuster busied themselves with all aspects of the summer series, from its fonts to its myriad film references, yet no element (save for the story itself) seemed to excite fans as much as the original music. 

Michael Stein and Kyle Dixon, members of Austin band S U R V I V E, composed the score with pieces that range from ethereal to frighteningly dark and operatic. The wide spectrum only makes sense given the show's narrative arc, equal parts coming-of-age and thrilling horror.

Fans began to beg Netflix for a soundtrack soon after the show debuted in July. Requests accumulated across comment chains and forums, and Netflix listened to its audience. Today, the media company shared the original compositions scattered across Stranger Things' eight episodes, amounting to 36 tracks. Stein and Dixon have cited legendary film composer John Carpenter (The ThingHalloween) as a major influence for their work. 

Listen to the score in its entirety via Apple Music, and head to Spotify for a playlist of the songs synced in the series.