Back in 2013, Nicolas Jaar launched his subscription-based imprint Other People, through which subscribers would receive weekly releases. It seems that the producer has different plans for Other People now, though, as Jaar has announced that Other People has taken a new form: an interactive radio network. 

The reasons behind Jaar's decision are twofold. In his statement, he revealed that he is planning on "playing live again," and will therefore be "unable to be fully present on a week to week basis." His second reason was a financial one, in that in order to present these free releases, Jaar "took up DJing the last couple of years in part to finance the label." Other People's new direction will "concentrate on a much smaller batch of yearly releases starting in 2017."

Nicolas Jaar's new radio network features a number of channels that can be changed by typing in a number between 0 and 333, but it appears that only multiples of three—as well as channel 0—work. The channels also feature unique artwork and titles. Beyond that, Jaar doesn't leave too many hints about the new project, other than recommending channels 324, 195, 108, 243, 225, and 33, and ending with 333.

Check out Nicolas Jaar's new radio network here.