Chance The Rapper (and some other artists) visited the White House a few months ago, and while they talked with President Obama about the My Brother’s Keeper initiative, it turns out that Chance also got some one-on-one face time with the POTUS.

"At the end [of the meeting], everybody takes a group photo, and he’s signing stuff," Chance said in a recent interview with GQ (via NME). "And he keeps pushing me to the back, and I’m like, 'I don’t understand why he won’t sign my shit.'"

Chance said that he and the commander in chief spoke about his career, and Obama, a noted Chance fan, expressed concern about the rapper's current release strategy: "And he makes me wait till the end, and then he brings me up to his office, and we had a really good conversation about what I was working on. He told me I needed to start selling my music."

Malia Obama made is clear that she's a fan of Chance when she saw him perform at Lollapalooza, and Chance said that Coloring Book is in frequent rotation at the White House: "Oh yeah. They’re bumping Coloring Book hard up there. If you go up there, you’ll probably hear Coloring Book. This is not a joke at all."