For reasons unknown, Pizza Hut is launching a limited edition pizza box that can be used as DJ decks. As Fact points out, this is the world's first pizza box DJ decks, and features the use of conductive ink, with two decks, volume control, crossfader, and pitch control. Powered by batteries, the box can sync with a device of your choice via Bluetooth, and works with any MIDI compatible software, including Virtual DJ and Serato DJ among others.

Allowing users to scratch tracks in real time and even sync tracks, the box actually seems pretty decent for those looking to mess around a little with some DJ software. Rinse FM's DJ Vectra showcases what the box can do in the video above, and that it even works to begin with is kind of remarkable to begin with. The box was created by Novalia, a company that specializes in printed electronics.

Despite all of this, though, the video fails to show what the box will look like after being covered in pizza. It could very well be a good MIDI controller, but it can't be a good pizza box at the same time, surely. Pizza Hut is launching this out across the UK soon, available from five different takeaway locations with the purchase of collection pizza. They've yet to announce when they'll be available.