Adult Swim’s The Eric Andre Show is arguably the most raunchy and uncomfortable program on TV, so it’s not entirely surprising that when T.I. was the guest on the show’s recent fourth season premiere, he didn’t spend much time at ease.

While T.I. sat next to Andre, the host made a fake penis break through his desk before simulating masturbation on it, and T.I. also fell victim to a zombie that burst through the floor and tried to grab him. T.I. left the set when a pants-less guy casually walked up and stood next to Andre.

It turns out that T.I.’s discomfort was totally real, as Andre explained during a recent episode of Complex’s Hot Ones: “He walked out two or three times during the interview and I had to keep seducing him back into [it]. There was a lot of full-frontal nudity.” When asked what he said to get T.I. back on set, Andre answered, “‘We’re almost done, we’re almost done, we’re almost done,’ which is a lie; I’m a sociopath. We were like an hour and a half from being done, because we shoot each interview for like an hour and a half, then we whittle it down to the best three or four minutes, so it’s pretty torturous.”

Watch the episode above, and watch Eric Andre talk about it (while eating hot wings) below.