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Image via Twitter

Over the past few months, Troy Ave has been dealing with the aftermath of the deadly shooting that happened at a T.I. concert back in May. The incident led to the rapper being charged with first degree murder, which was eventually brought down to several other charges, including one count of second degree murder and four counts of criminal possession of a weapon. Troy Ave is currently on $500,000 bail and awaiting trial, but it looks like the case has taken yet another turn.

According to Pitchfork, Troy Ave’s attorney Scott Leemon told the publication in an official statement that he has “filed a lawsuit against Irving Plaza and Live Nation on behalf of Troy Ave for the lack of security they provided the night of the incident.” The statement claims that Troy Ave was not armed, and blames the venue’s security for the rapper’s leg injury and his attempted murder charge.

“[If] the security had done their job none of the injuries, including Troy getting shot, would have occurred. The venue had a duty to protect Troy, as an invited performer, and they failed him miserably.” Leemon told Pitchfork. The lawsuit focuses on the venue’s and event organizer’s negligence.

The lawsuit also claims that it was a third party that “attacked Troy Ave, drew a weapon, shot him, and killed another person in the room.”

The May shooting left Ronald McPhatter, Troy Ave’s bodyguard, dead, and Troy Ave suffered a gunshot wound to his leg. Two others were also wounded during the incident. The rapper has pled not guilty to the charges against him.