Last year Tyler, the Creator announced the launch of his new Golf Media app. The app includes radio shows, merchandise, articles, photos, exclusive behind-the-scene videos, and a several different series. In the past, most TV networks seemed to shy away from the idea of giving Tyler his own TV show. Though he did have a sketch comedy show titled Loiter Squad on Adult Swim for a brief time, Tyler decided to make the app so that he could create whatever show he desired.

A year later a new network is willing to give Tyler another shot at having a show on cable television. Viceland announced today that Tyler would be getting his own series on the A&E-owned network. According to The Hollywod Reporter, Tyler's new show will be based off one from his Golf Media app. Viceland currently hosts shows like Action Bronson's series Fuck, That's Delicious. Viewers of the channel are already aware that Viceland seems to have very few rules and aims to push the envelope, so there's no telling what Tyler's show will be like.

Tyler recently made a guest appearance on Bronson's latest Viceland series Action Bronson and Friends Watch Ancient Aliens, and it was as humorous as one would expect. There's no doubt Tyler's own show will be one to watch.