Vince Staples has a hilarious personality that often make it entertaining to watch him talk about practically anything like from emojis to gymnastics. But a listen to the lyrics in his music proves that he has a lot more to say that than just things to make people laugh. Vince recently stopped by Power 105.1's morning show The Breakfast Club, and took the opportunity to have a serious conversation about his career.

During his visit to The Breakfast Club, vince discussed his family background and what it was like growing up in Long Beach being the "weird" kid of the bunch. While many people who begin to find success in music can start to act a bit flashy and focus on material things, Vince explained why it's crucial to have an important message for kids to listen to.

Vince and the rest of The Breakfast Club crew also touched on the reality of gang life, the weight of an artist's words, the importance of being professional in this music business, and more.

Watch the full interview above.