GQ have launched a brand new series on YouTube, appropriately titled Vince Staples Reviews Every Fucking Thing. As the sequel to their previews series, Vince Staples Reviews Every Goddamn Thing, the new series expands upon the fashion criticism of its predecessor by taking on literally everything. The first episode premiered yesterday (August 16), and it features Vince offering his thoughts on various Olympians and sports.

Commenting that Olympic divers look like they're something out of an FKA twigs video, things gradually get funnier as he progresses. Passionately defending table tennis, Vince says, "Table tennis is not a lesser known Olympic sport, Forest Gump was a table tennis champion, and he's one of the greatest Olympians we've ever had in this world. Table tennis is gonna be here forever."

As the video reaches its end, Vince turns his attention to gymnastics, criticizing male gymnastics in particular. “I’m not really a fan of this male gymnastics—trying to jump hard as you fucking can," he says. "There’s no grace in that. You need grace to do that. We have to stop playing women’s sports. We are not creative enough. They make us look stupid. They’re smarter than us.”

Watch the full hilarious video above.