Pigeons & Planes started on a Blogger template with a dark grey background, light text, and room for images, words, and not much else. Since then, we've had a few upgrades, but we've always tried to keep things simple.
Today, we're very excited to present our latest and most substantial redesign in years. We're still keeping it straightforward, but the grid format and category system should be easier to digest and nicer to look at. The new site will also be much more compatible with mobile.
This is just one of many steps forward that we're taking at Pigeons & Planes. We've been putting on a concert series called No Ceilings for almost two years now, and it's been an amazing experience that we're looking to expand on. We've already hit New York, Austin, and London, and hopefully we'll be in your city soon.
We're also gearing up to produce more video content, more social content, more playlists, and more merch. This website redesign is a big deal for us, but a larger goal of ours is to extend the Pigeons & Planes brand beyond a blog. It hasn't been easy. Compared to the media giants that have historically dominated the conversation, we're a relatively small operation with a close-knit team and a short legacy. We were born on the internet, and now we're looking to move beyond it.
That said, we still love the internet, and there's one more exciting thing that we're sharing today: a motherfucking forum. This is something we've been talking about for years, and it's finally here. Check it out, play around with it, and join the discussion. There are several categories featuring different topics (we'll refine these as we go), a place for submissions (yes, we listen to submissions on a daily basis), and a designated area for artist-to-artist connections (if you're a producer looking to connect with a rapper, for example, this is the place). There's also a place for memes. We think this forum has the potential to be a special community and resource for consumers and artists, and we can't wait to see where it goes.
On top of all that, we've got some other major things that we can't announce just yet, but I can say that it would be cool to have a P&P record label and a P&P festival, right?
That's it for now. From the entire P&P team, thank you to everyone who has supported Pigeons & Planes over the years. We've still got so much we want to accomplish, but we're making progress.
Our goal is always to make things better for the readers, so please hit us with feedback.
See you out there.