YG has come through with another fun visual for one of the many Still Brazy highlights, and this time he's brought along Drake and Kamaiyah. Sharing the fun in the "Why You Always Hatin?" video, the three artists enjoy the excess of L.A. in style. Cruising in a Lambo with Ty Dolla $ign and Drake, YG raps his verses while swerving, and Kamaiyah delivers her hook both surrounded by headlights and while getting her feet rubbed. It's a pretty ridiculous video, but it's the perfect accompaniment to the track.

The video starts with YG arriving in a small helicopter, before hitting the streets and driving recklessly. YG certainly knows how to put together a fun video, and the shots of him hanging out of the helicopter while rapping along to the hook are particularly impressive. Drake seems to be having a lot of fun in the video, too, even replicating his goofy walking beside the car moves from the legendary "Started from the Bottom" video, albeit with a lot less snow.

Watch the "Why You Always Hatin?" video above.