Attempting to decipher what Young Thug is rapping in his songs is no easy task. Favoring that catchy signature slurred delivery over enunciation, it comes as no surprise that so many people engage in debates over what he's trying to say. Chances are, one of the few times you fully understood as to what "Best Friend" is actually about was when you watched that video of Thugger reading the lyrics of the song for GQ 

So, to end such debates over his lyrical content, the people behind the "What is Desiigner Saying?" game have tackled the often incomprehensible lyrics of Young Thug. Similar to the Desiigner game, fans are challenged to test their lyrical knowledge: comprised of 20 rounds featuring short audio clips, players must choose one out of the four multiple choice answers. 

Unlike the Desiigner game, though, this one is much more forgiving and fans can play all 20 rounds regardless of how many questions have been incorrectly answered. Unsurprisingly, the game is fairly hard, but perhaps what's even more astonishing is what some of Young Thug's lyrics actually are. 

Test your knowledge and play the "What is Young Thug Saying?" game here, and if you haven't tested your knowledge of Desiigner lyrics yet, do that here.

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