A few days ago, 300 Entertainment founder Lyor Cohen announced that Young Thug is no longer going by the name Young Thug. "His new name is going to be 'No, My Name Is Jeffery,'" Lyor explained. "The reality is, when you see this commercial, you're all going to understand what we do here at 300. Because it's powerful images of what makes someone Young Thug and what the evolution and how someone is Jeffery. It's a circular thing, it's important. 'No, My Name is Jeffery' is on its way. Please respect us to actually segue and utilize his name going forward because it's important."

Young Thug's birth name is Jeffery Williams, so the Jeffery part makes sense, but the full title of "No, My Name Is Jeffery" has some people confused. Are people really going to call him that? Will he become known as just Jeffery? Is this going to affect his career? We asked some Young Thug fans what they think of the name change.