Yesterday there was some speculation that 21 Savage removed his legendary knife tattoo.

While just the thought of that makes me sick to my stomach, it was quickly revealed that Savage was joking. Of course it was a joke! The knife has become iconic, he could never get rid of it. In fact, more people should be as bold as 21 and get a knife tattooed on their head. Life is short. Be a savage.

Here's proof that everything looks better with 21 Savage's knife tattoo:  

11 Savage
11 Savage.
21 Savage Snape
21 Severus.
21 Savage Malia Obama
Malia Obama repping Joey Bada$$ and 21 21 21.
21 Savage Trump
Trump always been deplorable but now he's straight up savage.
21 Savage Taylor Swift
I don't know about you, but I'm feeling twenty-one.
21 Savage Steve Harvey
Steve Harvey had one of the most savage moments of the decade. 
21 Brangelina
A marriage that starts by savage means should end savage tbh.
21 Savage Leo
Feel like Leo actually had the knife tattoo first.
21 Savage Adele
We all know what her album '21' was really about.
21 Savage Queen
21 Savage Hillary Clinton
gerber baby savage
Because the baby food game is weak.
21 Savage Oprah
You get a knife, you get a knife... everyone gets a knife!