You might be of legal drinking age, but your birthday party will not be cooler than this six-year-old's.

This past weekend, Abby Marquez attended the sixth birthday of her best friend's daughter, Leah, who is a massive Drake fan. Naturally, instead of tapping Frozen for influence, Leah's mother threw a Drake-themed party to celebrate Leah's birthday. Yes, Leah turned 6ix. 

Abby shared photos from the party via Twitter, which have (unsurprisingly) since gone viral. The party featured a black-and-gold color scheme and OVO-themed decor, Drake balloons, fake hundred-dollar bills, and "Worst Behavior" birthday posters. Leah was even wearing an OVO hoodie and a t-shirt with the lyric "Turn my birthday into a lifestyle" from "Pop Style" on it. 

Leah's mom spared no details—even the invites were Drake-themed and made to look like the cover of If You're Reading This It's Too Late. "If you're reading this you're invited. Drake's #1 is now 6. Come turn up with her woes," they read.

Buzzfeed reached out to Leah's mother, who told the publication that Leah "loves everything about [Drake's] music," and apparently even recently expressed that she "[wants] to marry Drake when she’s older."

It doesn't seem like Leah's hero has taken notice of her epic birthday party yet, but Drake's dad did post a photo of Leah to his Instagram earlier today to wish her a happy birthday. 

Take a look at the photos from Leah's birthday party below.