Last night, Chance The Rapper was rehearsing for his upcoming Magnificent Coloring Day festival in Chicago and after his sound check he decided to answer a few fan questions on twitter. But instead of just merely tweeting fans back, Chance recorded videos for each question from backstage, giving more of an response than the 140 characters would normally allow.

One of the first questions someone tweeted was "who is your favorite rapper?" which Chance confirmed was Lil Wayne by rapping the first few bars of Wayne's “Lighting Up My (La La La).”  Chance also revealed that "They Say," a song he usually only does live was produced by Kaytranada, and Kaytranada is probably going to release it "soon."

Also, if you were wondering if any of those special songs/versions of songs he's only done on TV (like the ESPYs or SNL) are going to be released, the answer is sadly no. “A lot of those special TV moments will just live as those moments," he explained. Fair enough.