When Chance The Rapper found out that many of the tickets for his sold out Magnificent Coloring Day festival were being scalped online, he wasn't happy. In early August, he tweeted, "It's become apparent to me that many people have targeted my cheap tickets to #MCD and used me and my fans as a way to make money from music."

A couple weeks later, Chance promised that he was "finding loopholes to get more fans to #MCD." Then, earlier this week, he gave fans who missed out on tickets some hope by tweeting: "Chicago, please promise you won't give up on getting your #MCD ticket. Yours is still out there just don't give up... I'm not talking resellers, I will put them in your hands myself for either $45 or $75."

Now, he's come through on that promise by taking back almost two thousand floor seats and putting them back up for sale directly to fans.​ Another day, another story of Chance taking matters into his own hands and fighting the ills of the music industry. Check out a photo of the recovered tickets below.