Earlier today, Danny Brown surprised fans and released his highly anticipated new album Atrocity Exhibition a few days ahead of schedule. To celebrate the special occasion, the Detroit rapper held a Q&A session on Twitter and answered questions about his writing process, his current favorite rappers, his favorite Quentin Tarantino films, and more. 

During the Q&A session, Danny Brown revealed that it took him two years to write it and a full year to record. When asked about how the Kelela feature on "From The Ground" came about, Danny said that he's a "huge fan of hers" and the fact that the two are label mates made the collaboration a "no brainer." 

He also took the time to share some pointers, particularly about writing and how one should deal with writer's block, telling the fan who sought advice to take their time and to "never write" if they're "not feeling it."

Listen to Danny Brown's Atrocity Exhibition here, and take a look at some of the highlights from his Twitter Q&A below.