When news broke of Desiigner's arrest in New York City, it sounded like some potentially serious charges were stacking up against the 19-year-old rapper. Early reports stated that along with possession of a loaded firearm, Desiigner could face charges of drug possession and distribution associated with pills that were found in the vehicle he was in. Police originally believed the pills to be OxyContin, methadone, and steroids. 

Today, TMZ reports that there was no OxyContin or methadone, and that the 302 pills found in the vehicle were all steroids, and "it appears the steroids all belonged to the driver," not Desiigner.

The gun charges have already been dropped, and Desiigner has been released from custody. "N****s said I needed to f***in' sell pills?" Desiigner said in a video after his release. "We ain't gotta do that shit no more, baby! We don't do this no more, baby!"