A couple days ago, Desiigner was arrested after an alleged road rage incident in which the rapper pointed a gun at another driver. Desiigner and the four passengers were arrested for criminal possession of a controlled substance and possession of drugs with the intent to sell, both of which are felony charges.

Desiigner was also charged with criminal possession of a loaded weapon and menacing, but after police searched the vehicle and were unable to find a firearm, the gun charge has been dropped. The charge of possession of drugs with the intent to sell was also dropped due to lack of substantial evidence. He was arraigned this morning in a New York courtroom for felony possession of a controlled substance and menacing, and was then released as evidenced by the photo below.



HE'S FREE. [via @rapradar]

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He also posted the following video shortly after his release, in which he excitedly says, "I ain't need to fucking sell pills, we don't got to do that shit no more, baby!"


Sounds of @Lifeofdesiigner

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TMZ caught up with the rapper immediately after his release, and Desiigner was in very positive spirits, saying, "They tried to keep me in there, you feel me? But when you do it right, you feel me, and keeping it positive, they can't lock you down."