Just a few days ago, Drake posted a flyer on his Instagram inviting his Houston followers to "a new dance experience." Before the event took place, there wasn't much information detailing what this new experience would be like, but the flyers promised that it would something "here to stay." Now it has finally been revealed that Drake will be opening a strip club called The Ballet in Houston.

For years, Drake has expressed in his music both his love for strippers, as well as his desire to treat women with the utmost respect. These two ideas may seem pretty conflicting to some people, but it seems Drake has finally found an interesting compromise.

With another Instagram post, he made the official announcement of The Ballet saying it would be a place "where the women are on a pedestal and the surroundings are unforgettable." The Ballet is not expected to open until early 2017, but perhaps his latest video "Childs Play" gave us a preview of what we can expect.