Music is a crucial part of nearly everyone's life in one or or another. Because of that, various businesses are constantly looking for beneficial ways to incorporate music into their new strategic plans—especially social media companies. While different companies continue to work on ways to capitalize off of users sharing their favorite music, it appears that Facebook might be the next of the bunch to make some serious changes to their own music strategy.

A new discovery from Hypebot shows that Facebook is definitely serious about making these changes sooner than later. A recent job ad posted by Facebook is seeking for a Director of Global Music Licensing Partnerships. Although music has been a big part of Facebook users interaction for years now, the company is now looking to finally directly license music. It doesn't seem likely that Facebook would want to get into the already heated music streaming wars, but whatever Mark Zuckerberg and his team have planned is sure to be a huge step forward.

The new, yet-to-be-filled position calls for someone "who is passionate about the changing music ecosystem." They will be responsible for leading Facebook's negotiations with various music labels and organizations. It will be a full-time position located in their Menlo Park offices in California.

If this position sounds like the job for you, or someone you know, applications can be sent directly through Facebook.