For years, Flying Lotus has showed strong interest in filmmaking and over the last few months he's taken bigger strides towards solidifying his position in the film world, as well as the music world. FlyLo recently worked on the score of Shia LaBeouf's film LoveTrueand made his directorial debut with the film RoyalBut all of this is just the start.

It was recently announced that Royal is in fact part of an upcoming feature film titled KusoAnd yet, all of this new is still just a piece of the puzzle. Now it has been revealed that Flying Lotus will be launching Brainfeeder Films alongside Eddie Alcazar. Months ago the two worked together for the short film titled FUCKKKYOUUU that premiered at the Sundance Film Festival, and now the two are partnering up for an even bigger endeavor. 

According to VarietyFlying Lotus explains that he and Alcazar started Brainfeeder Films "with the intention to produce and support influential and experimental entertainment for film and music fans around the world." The two hope to create a safe space for filmmakers to freely creative "nontraditional" ideas. "I've always wanted Brainfeeder to be a home for emerging artists, creative talent, and filmmakers who are looking to work outside the traditional studio and independent distribution systems."