After years of waiting, Frank Ocean finally gave his fans what they wanted. Instead of just releasing one album as promised, Ocean shared a visual album titled Endless, along with a full album titled Blonde. The fact that he was able to share two separate albums comes as no surprise as it's now been revealed that there are still hours of recordings from these album sessions that have yet to be released.

During a recent interview with Pitchfork, guitarist Billy "Spaceman" Patterson spoke about his time working with Ocean. "We'd go in the studio for a long time," he said. "Our sessions are like, man, we had like 14-hour, 15-, 16-hour sessions. So there's a whole lot of music that we wind up covering ... we're creating continually. So something may happen and [Frank might] say, 'Oh, that's nice, let's try this here.'"

During his explanation of what the creative process between him and Frank is like, Patterson went on to admit that they would record for so long that there are still hours of recordings that have yet to be heard. "There's a lot of stuff that we recorded that I still haven't heard yet."

There's no telling when or if the public will ever hear some of these unreleased recordings. Zane Lowe recently hinted that a new interview between him and Ocean may soon be on the way. If this interview does indeed happen, let's just hope he discuss these unreleased recordings as well as the possibility of their release.

Read the full interview with Patterson here.