Isaiah Rashad dropped The Sun's Tirade, the follow-up to 2014's Cilvia Demo, earlier this months, and so far, he's shared a pair of videos in support of it: "4r Da Squaw" and "Park." 

Now the TDE rapper is back with a third, and this time it's a cloudy, psychedelic clip for "Tity and Dolla." The clip, which comes via and Jim Larson, features Rashad performing the song in front of a multicolor, cloudy projection.

"I wanted to make something for when I was having a shitty day—something to play to make me feel good," Rashad told us about The Sun's Tirade. "There are good ups and downs. I want to sit in the shower and smoke a blunt, and turn this shit on. I just want to lay back and be like, 'Damn, this is tight as fuck.'"

Check out our full conversation with Rashad here, and watch the video for "Tity and Dolla" below.