You may have seen it. Jaden Smith has been photographed several times this year holding bottles of water up to his ear, for no clear reason. Some wondered what the hell he was doing while most of us shrugged it off as "Jaden's just kind of a weird guy, leave him alone." Either way, now we have an answer.

As he explained to New York Magazine, the move was part of a viral marketing campaign for environmentally friendly water bottle company Just Water. Smith says, "People in Atlanta rap music videos put money to their ear. I just put it to my ear because I love rap music, but I wanna put out a different message.”

The company, which he helped launch, was incepted after a surfing trip in which he noticed large amounts of plastic pollution. Offering an eco-friendly packaging alternative (sold for a reasonable 99 cents a bottle) Just Water avoids plastic pollution and other harmful bi-products of petroleum-based plastics (including CO2 emissions).

His father, Will Smith, is also an active supporter, explaining: “Primarily we want to do something that is good for the world, that starts to move in a direction, even if it’s just consciousness — even if it’s just people start paying attention.”

“I feel totally connected to water," Jaden Smith added. "I love water. I feel like its one of the most spiritual and interesting elements on Earth. If you freeze anything on Earth, it will get smaller, but water expands when you freeze it. It’s the only thing that expands when you freeze it! It’s literally the only thing. Even in some trees, water will flow up the bark of the tree and go against gravity. Water does so many things that are just unnatural and not normal."