Back in 2014, a collaboration between Jay Z and Daft Punk titled "Computerized" surfaced, and many suspected that it was recorded for the French duo's score of the 2010 film Tron: Legacy but ultimately not used. That's correct, and now it's been revealed that the song was cut from the movie because it was "too rooted in real life and rap for their fantasy movie."

This is according to Mitchell Leib, President of Music and Soundtracks for Walt Disney Records, who brought Jay Z and Daft Punk together to make the song happen. The track addresses a disdain for the constant presence of technology and the emptiness that comes with it: "I broke her heart on the email / I'm so cold, I'ma just spare y'all the details / I can't even tell y'all what's real / I got an iTouch, but I can't feel."

While "Computerized" wound up unused, it appears that elements of the song were used in "The Son Of Flynn," a track that did make the score.

Listen to "Computerized" below.