Not too long ago, it was revealed that Kanye West had put his controversial "Famous" wax figures on display in L.A. art gallery Blum & Poe. Complete with the ridiculously huge bed and moving chests to simulate breathing, the piece has garnered a lot of attention, with Kim Kardashian revealing the exhibit herself. Kanye West made an apperance on one of those strange webcam robots things, as he couldn't be there since he's on tour.

Now the New York Times is reporting that the gallery is hoping to sell the provocative art piece for an insane $4 million. The piece, which includes realistic wax figures of everyone from Taylor Swift and Rihanna to George W. Bush and Donald Trump, will remain on display for the foreseeable future. Los Angeles artist Aaron Axelrod says of $4 million asking price, “I did the math in my head, and it took $500,000 to a million just to make it.”

He continued, "This caught me off guard. It’s one of the coolest pieces I’ve ever seen, which is kind of annoying because it’s Kanye West.” He added, "This was made for the music video, no one would have been able to tell [how] those sculptures were moving. Which means he’s going above and beyond.”

Speaking more about how the piece came to be in the gallery, co-founder Tim Blum explained, “I think Monday of last week, I got a call from Scooter Braun. Kanye suddenly felt the urge to show the work. Long story short, we made it happen. We pushed some things around and five days later, we had a show. Monday hey, Friday open.”

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