Days ago Lil Wayne took to Twitter to express some personal thoughts that led many of his followers and fans to believe that he was either considering or announcing his retirement from music. In his tweet he said that he was "now defenseless and mentally defeated," ending the statement with somewhat of a goodbye as he finished with "I leave gracefully and thankful I luh my fanz but I'm dun."

Lil Wayne's cryptic tweet encouraged many fans, including other musicians influenced by him, to share their own thoughts on his possible retirement. Artists like Chance The Rapper, Rick Ross, Missy Elliott, Drake, and more have pleaded for him to carry on and explained the influence he's had on music as a whole.

Now Kendrick Lamar as joined the growing list of Lil Wayne fans begging him not to throw in the towel just yet. During a late night/early morning studio session—"5:32 to be exact"—Kendrick recorded himself enjoying and rapping along to some of his favorite Lil Wayne classics.

In the middle of his jam session, Kendrick began to discuss his strong feelings towards these possible retirement rumors: "Talking about retirement and shit. Fuck that, nigga!" Afterwards, he went on to further explain Wayne's true influence on him. Kendrick admits he was in the studio knocking out features because he once saw Waynce complete ten features back to back in the studio.  

Kendrick ends his video yelling "No!" multiple times. It's fair to say, that Kendrick is not happy about these rumors at all and simply doesn't accept Lil Wayne retiring as an option. Hopefully all the recent out pouring of love from his fans will inspire Wayne to continue making music and refuel him.

Watch the video below.