Earlier this year, Kid Cudi announced that he had two albums planned for 2016, but up until now he remained quiet about the forthcoming releases. Taking to Twitter today, he's announced that an album, tentatively titledĀ Passion, Pain & Demon Slayin', will be arriving shortly. "So I'm working on a date for a release this month," he tweeted. "Available on ALL PLATFORMS for streaming and download, physicals shortly after."

It's not entirely clear whether he means the album will be out this month or if he's just working on nailing down a date right now, but it's exciting news for Cudi fans regardless. Following up the first tweet, he said, "At 18 tracks deep, the album is well over 1 hour 30 minutes long, so the physical will be a double disc set." Whether this means the two albums he announced for 2016 morphed into one double album is unclear, but it wouldn't be surprising if we do see another album from Cudi in 2016 after this, too.

Doubling down on his statement regarding "ALL PLATFORMS," he tweeted, "Music shouldn't be a headache to find especially in a digital space. It's actually easier going to Best Buy to get a CD than it is to DL one."