When the city of Atlanta invited residents to name a massive $11.6 million 400-foot-long drilling machine earlier this year, the leading candidates were "The Peach Beast," "Scarlett," and a nod to hometown hero Killer Mike.

Today the city announced that the machinery will, in fact, be named after the politically outspoken rapper: "Driller Mike."

"I laughed hysterically," he said. "It was the funniest thing in the world to me. I didn't take it seriously, because I'm a rapper. Cities don't associate themselves with rappers. But I'm a business owner, a dad, an active member of politics in Atlanta, so I was honestly honored that people in Atlanta saw fit to name something after me."

Having already won a Grammy for "The Whole World" in 2003 and receiving critical acclaim for his work in Run The Jewels, the list of unchecked accolades for Killer Mike was narrowing to things like city street names—but this one came as a surprise.

"Before I die, I want a street named after me, maybe Michael Render Way," he explained. "But this is a great midlife goal. This is truly an honor."

See video of the drill in action below, before it begins digging a five-mile tunnel with the goal of enabling the city to store a month's supply of water underground.