At the beginning of August, it appeared that Kodak Black would be getting out of jail before summer ended. However the celebration of that good news didn't last very long as two outstanding warrants were discovered during his releasing process. Near the end of the month it was reported that the warrant from South Carolina was due to an accusation of sexual assault. While the other warrant was related to drug charges.

Yesterday, Kodak pleaded no contest to misdemeanor drug charges—one for possession of less than 20 grams of marijuana and the other for possession of drug paraphernalia. The Sun Sentinel reports that Kodak was then sentenced to 120 days in prison. Upon release, his license will be suspended for a year and he will have to pay the court $298. However it appears that he will not have to serve the full sentence as the court has considered the time he's already spent in jail.

As of now, the St. Lucie County jail lists his release date as November 30, 2016 but Kodak still must wait to see what the outcome of those sexual assault charges from South Carolina.