In 2010, Lil Wayne spent eight months at Rikers Island for gun charges, and now the rapper is preparing to release Gone 'Til November, a memoir based on his time in prison. Page Six has shared some of the stories that will be included in the book, and one of them involves Weezy officiating a same-sex wedding.

In a lighthearted, presumably non-legally binding ceremony, Lil Wayne married two male inmates in a hall decorated with toilet paper, and with a toast of Gatorade. "Gatorade is liquid gold in this bitch," he wrote. "Imagine seeing grown-ass men in jail hanging tissue for wedding decorations. AND one of them is Lil Wayne. Crazy."

In the book, which comes out on October 11 via Penguin Books, Lil Wayne also wrote about his TV-watching habits (yes to American Idol, no to The Wendy Williams Show), famous visitors (P. Diddy, Kanye West, Drake), and creativity: "I always thought I needed things like being high with my niggas, a Bugatti, a dope-ass crib or some big-booty bitches to be creative. But once it was taken away from me, my creativity was put to the ultimate test."