A lot has been said about streaming exclusives recently, especially following the release of Frank Ocean's Blonde, which was initially releases as an Apple Music exclusive. Reports surfaced last month that Universal were looking to put an end to streaming exclusives, and Spotify have expressed their disinterest in exclusives in general. Metro Boomin, who produced on former Tidal exclusive The Life of Pablo, has expressed his distaste for the practice, too.

Taking to Twitter, he wrote, "Just searched iTunes for 10 minutes for song cry by Jay Z and couldn't find it, then searched 4 Blueprint and remembered Tidal vs Apple." He followed up the tweet, saying, "This streaming war shit is so sus with all the exclusivity bullshit. Just let the kids have the music because that's what it should be about... Shouldn't have to have subscriptions to 2 different services just to listen to blueprint and views. Makes me miss how simple CDs were."

Unhappy with the prospect of having to use separate streaming services to listen to particular music, he finished with, "I promise all my fans and supporters that my album will not be any kind of streaming exclusive. Fuck the money I do this for the culture. Apple Music, Tidal, Spotify, Pandora, whatever you use, my album will be instantly available and accessible for you. Because that's the point."

Check out his tweets below.