Lately one of the hottest terms in music has been the dreaded "mumble rap." Once Wiz Khalifa went on Hot 97 in June, the term has been inescapable. "We call it mumble rap. It ain't no disrespect to the lil homies, they don't want to rap. It's cool for now, it's going to evolve. Those artists, if they want to stay around, they'll figure out the next thing to do. But right now, that's what's poppin," Wiz told Ebro. 

This week Pete Rock went on record calling out mumble rappers, Lil Yachty specifically. “They dont match the world that we live in making this kinda nonsense or not reppin the culture right,” he wrote. “They breeding these stupid ass fans with no f—ing brains. So we gonna have a world full of that?? Really???” 

This new conversation has made the term more popular than ever. For the most part people use it to describe new rappers like Lil Uzi Vert, Lil Yachty, and Desiigner. 

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But is mumble rap a new thing? According to Twitter, it's not. In fact, almost any rapper on the come up has been deemed a mumble rapper.

Some keep an open mind and recognize there is space for both "mumble rap" and "real hip-hop" to coexist. 

So is mumble rap a new genre? Or a convenient umbrella used to label all new hip-hop you don't like? 

It's totally understandable that some rap fans don't like certain new rappers because of a lack of lyricism, technical skill, and/or enunciation, but we've got to move past calling it all mumble rap.