NHL player Bobby Ryan, currently a winger for the Ottawa Senators, decided it was time for a change in jersey number, and he announced the new number in what is probably the greatest new-number announcement video of all time, and it's largely thanks to Drake.

A video uploaded to Twitter by the Senators shows a Ryan jersey being made, with Drake's "9" playing over it. When it comes time to sew the 6 (Ryan's previous number) onto the jersey, Ryan's hand enters the frame and turns the 6 upside down in sync with the lyric, "Turn the 6 upside down, it's a 9 now." If you're ever going to change your jersey number from 6 to 9, this is how you do it... unless you're more of a Jimi Hendrix fan, then "If 6 Was 9" would be more fitting.

We're not sure why Ryan decided to change his number, but if it was just to make this excellent joke, power to him. Then again, he did used to wear No. 9 when he played for the Anaheim Ducks. Regardless, watch the video below.