Rumors of a Cruel Winter project from G.O.O.D. music have been circulating since the release of Cruel Summer in 2012, but according to Travis Scott, this is the winter that the album will finally see the light of day. Sitting down with Hot 97 this morning, Travis revealed his important role on the collaborative project and hinted at a possible release date.

"I'm executive producing the album," he said. The exact release date is still up in the air, but Scott added, "It's coming very soon. I want to say like the top of next year. I'm putting the press on everybody. I'm saying February."

When Ebro asked how many songs on the project are finished, he explained, "Everybody's involved. Kanye West. Every G.O.O.D. Music artist is involved. It's amazing. We've got our illest friends and it's going to be one of the illest projects. One thing I can say about this project is that it will be very youthful. Straight to the point."

Explaining what he meant by "youthful," Travis continued, "The kids that are not on the radio all the time who really have the clubs going ridiculous... that's who this album is for."

Watch the full interview above, in which he also discusses Birds in the Trap Sing McKnight, working with Kid Cudi and Jay Z, and Kanye's reaction to his new album. The Cruel Winter discussion begins at the 21:40 mark.